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Of course, they don’t serve the best coffee in Honolulu anymore. They’ve become so famous, they ran out of coffee…The video was created, edited and directed by the world famous Movie Director, Pei-Chan from the great island nation of Taiwan.




Miss ‘Ilima loves Hawai’i and is originally from Hungary…….Mahalo Monika for sharing Your Hawai’i with us.

The o Mundo e a gente no Hawaii girl Olivia on her first day at school. A little shy, a lotta funny!

There’s a place in Honolulu at Pier 38 called Nico’s.

The dude can cook! Obviously his name is Nico.

I recommend the fresh fried ahi belly and some chocolate cream pie, then a short nap on the beach.

After our monthly factory tour at Lion’s coffee which started at 10:30, we chartered a private van to pick us up and take us to Nico’s, then the man van driver was nice enough to bring us back to GVHawaii for more lessons by 12:20pm.

Aloha ‘Ohana,

A very close friend of mine is in town this week and I realize even more than ever that friendship and family are irreplaceable.

It was a little over 20 years ago I was introduced into his family as his ‘braddah’ or cousin(‘cuz’ in Hawaiian pidgin) and ever since then I only called his mother, mom. I wasn’t that easy for me to call another woman mom, since my mom is the greatest mom in the world. As i’m sure your mom are to you.

His mom was always mom to me. She passed away on December 31st last year and we had her funeral over the weekend. It brought back all those memories for years ago when the adults now are the kids I knew 20 years ago. We’ve all grown up, but have never lost the true meaning of being family.

Much in the same way, I see many friendships created from the students at GVHawaiiOhana. It’s nice to see coming from such a variety of people of different ages, backgrounds, countries and upbringings. That’s Hawai’i!

Live Aloha everyone!

Aloha family!

I just found out that there’s two wonderful students from Brasilia who are very good friends in Brasil and are also a big part of the GVHawaiiOhana.

They are Olivia and Vivian and…………………they’re Happy Crazy!!!

They bike 40 minutes everyday to school and have started a blog about their adventures in beautiful Hawai’i.

Please checkout their blog at………..………………… when you can.

I checked it out, just now!!!!…………’s AWESOME!!!!!

Aloha & Malama pono

Thank you Mr. President for making it a little easier for the wonderful people from China to include the GVHawaiiOhana as one of their major destinations in the very beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

More information on easing visa requirements via, Pacific Business news.


Any further great information you might need about GVHawaii and their English as a Second Language academics and programs, please email tham anytime at

Mahalo nui loa(Thank you very much!)