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Inspiration is Motivation: This is how it all started….Alex of Friends with BenefitsBrazil, Jacky Kat Wash, Alex of Canada and Carolina of Goiania who we wish was in da picture.

Can you believe it that in Honolulu there are people who travel here from all over the world with the intention of learning English and creating for themselves new experiences and lifetime memories in Hawai’i. English for better jobs, careers and prosperity back in their country. What can we do better to achieve the heights they’re at now?……………………….. This is inspiration!

The Workout!

2 cups 100% Hawaiian Coffee

1/2 an egg McMuffin

1 Bottle propel water

Manoa Falls hike: 2 hours in the rain most of the time

Spam, eggs, rice and lots a Ketchup(ONLY Del Monte)….yes, again! The Food of champs!

veggies spring rolls(3), noodles, thai veggie chop suey

1 passion orange juice

1 bottle water

Sponsor Aloha & Update: Phiten, Blue Hawaii LifeStyle, and the good folks at Butigroove have always been there for every single Phat Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday and Thirsty Thursday of GVHawaii/Business Class folklore since 2008….Mahalo for you support even when times were tough tough tough. That says a lot!

What’s 24?

A. One Day

B. A great drama with Jack Bauer.

C. 2 x 12, 8 x 3 and 6 x 3 +6.

GVHawaiians doin’ it! Me & Chieko of Cambridge….need more friends to come along!


Inspiration of Hawai’i: 

800 to 1778: Estimates of ONE MILLION ‘First Hawaiians’….1778 after ‘supposed’ first contact thru 1900: 19 out of 20 First Hawaians DIED….Survival is in my blood, even though I’m also made up of Chinese and Filipino ancestry.

The Workout:

Spam, eggs, rice and lots a Ketchup(ONLY Del Monte)

1 large bottle of h20

another 3 pieces leftover ribs and rice.

More ribs for dinner

2 hour yard work – 1 Hank’s Haute Dog – Hawaiian Special


Sponsor Aloha: Hank’s Haute dog owner, Uncle Hank Adaniya epitomizes the thoughts of follow your dreams and see where it goes from there….Thank you Uncle Hank for being the inspiration.

What’s 23?

A. Michael Jordan

B. A prime number, divisible by 1 and into itself

C. TORIPORU: 23% ABV is a craft beer from Herkimer(German style brew pub in Minneapolis, MN)


GVHawaiians doin’ it! Me & Chieko of Cambridge

Inspiration of Hawai’i: 

Kōlea bird. Kōlea is a very special bird to Hawai’i. There’s a good number of them nesting and foraging at South Point on Big Island, you can see them on your walk to Green Sand Beach. The Kōlea is brownish with black and sometimes white chested. She travels from Alaska to Hawai’i around August- September. They start heading back to Alaska in April-May. A really amazing trip when you think about it, because there’s no other land destinations between us and Alaska.

The Workout:

Spam, eggs, rice and lots a Ketchup(ONLY Del Monte)

2 cups 100% Hawaiian Coffee

5 bottles KONA Brew

2 cups Martzen Octoberfest – ONLY from Gordon Biersch of ALOHA TOWER

another 5 pieces ribs BBQ, some rice, some corn

1 cinnamon Cake donut

8 bottles h20


Sponsor Aloha: The Martzen Octoberfest from GB of ALOHA TOWER was really really good and crisp and fresh and cold and nutty and flavorful and beery!

What’s 22?

A. Emmitt Smith of Dancing with the stars fame…………and one of the best RB’s in the NFL, ever!

B. A gun – only for protect, of course. It’s one of our inalienable rights as US citizens.

C. At 22years we should all be finished with college/university in USA, but most don’t.


GVHawaiians doin’ it! Me & Chieko of Cambridge

Inspiration of Hawai’i: 2,000+ miles, the stars, the waves, the moon a few birds, some dolphins and some saying we got lost and there’s NO WAY….There’s always a way!

The Workout:

3 cups 100% Hawaiian Coffee

1 cinnamon cake donut from regal

No lunch

5 Pieces pork ribs marinated and BBQ’d at home, some rice, some fish and some eggplant-tomato-Fool-Young

5 Bottles KONA LB Brew


Sponsor Aloha:  The Best brewery on the island of O’ahu has to be Gordon Biersch at Aloha Tower. They are meticulous at what they do, they care about the process and it shows. Last year I had brought a German and a Beer expert from the Czech Republic to check out their process and to their amazement, it was the closest to beer brewing perfect from anything else in Hawaii.

What’s 21?

A. BlackJack

B. Two numbers away from Michael Jordan

C. The newest minimum drinking age in the 50 states

GVHawaiians in HNL Marathon 2012: Chieko of Cambridge

Inspiration: Eddie Aikau( The greatest Big Wave Surfer!) and the song about Eddie by singer/composer Dennis Pavao called Hawaiian Soul

The Workout:

2 cups 100% Hawaiian Coffee

1 toast w/ butter

1 beef bowl with rice

1 smoothie of the Kona Red variety

1 spam and eggs with hot rice

Sponsor Aloha: KONA Brewing Company has created for themselves a great niche'(especially with the tourists) with their Longboard lager brew, the nice graphics and marketing collaborations to boot.

What’s 20? There’s the 80/20 rule.  It’s always goo to check on 20 when playing BlackJack. 20 is that time you’re not a teenager anymore, but still act like one.

GVHawaiians in HNL Marathon 2012: Chieko of Cambridge


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TheBEP: The Business English People…P could also stand for Program, Patience or even Porpoise.

1. The experience

2. The Project

3. The People

The teacher, instructor, facilitator or whatever else they need to be called, must need to come with the experience. The experience of teaching in different environments of different people from different backgrounds and different ages. In addition, business experiences for various kinds of exploits is highly recommended, too.

Once this is had, then it’s a much easier path to being a successful Business English Perpetrators. One of the other keys is Projects,Projects,Projects. Think of and create projects that mean something for all involved. Some of the better ones have to do with involving a community of people. It all depends on what kinds of resources you have available or are able to you. Then how much time you are willing to put into it, because it will take a good amount of time to do things right.

The best project we’ve done was in 2008 and it was called Hawaii Reef 2020. I found out about a project from MIT on a topic I was truly interested in and come to find out was never before presented in Hawai’i. As it turned out I had the right mix of people in this one class of various ages, experiences and nationalities. This turned out to be a class to remember for their ability to do work together as a really cohesive team and to take the initiative to do what has never been done and with a

more to come later….