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Aloha folks!

We just got word that ProfessorBEP has registered for his very first Honolulu(HNL) Marathon on Dcember 9th, 2012. How appropriate that it’s only a few days before the(alleged) end of the world on December 21st.

Last night at 10:05pm he completed his 3rd full HNL Marathon Training day: A FULL 20 minutes of very slow but serious jogging thru the rugged streets of Aina Koa in Kahala….Yes a full 20 minutes of non-stop running.

By the professors’ estimate has only 25 more Training days before the end of March, then if he’s still alive…….. he’ll figure out what to do next.

His goals are…….

1. To have fun on his journey to the HNL Marathon

2. Train for 25 days before the end of March

3. Train for another 75 days before the end of September

4. Get 8 great local sponsors for his journey

5. Have a Hank’s Haute dog during the marathon

6. Drink 3 great tasting microbrew beers also during the ‘race’

7. Finish with family & friends

8. Finish within 8 hours

Notice: All goals are subject to change at anytime!!!!!


Proceed The Mind: huh?

Posted: October 30, 2012 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

We’re not exactly sure what it means, but makes great conversation for esl learners. It’s like the poster for the Occupy people. Have you seen it, yet? It’s very interesting for generating thoughtful discussion, only if you class is more inclined to have a lively discussion vs. using the good ‘ole textbook.

back to Proceed the Mind. It’s actually one of the mantras from the infamously famous and famously famous Guam(Paradise on Earth and beyond) brand called Fokai….You can check them out at

Peace out!~

The following obervations by a GVHawaiian, aka ProfessorBEP and soon to be HNL Marathon Survivor!

Yes, it’s 40 Days and 40 Nights until the gun sounds off and and the thousands of Honolulu villagers and tourist begin their journey throughout Downtown HONOLULU, Ala Moana Boulevard, Waikiki, Kahala Mall, Hawaii Kai and back through iconic Diamond Head.

A review of the plan first devised in December of 2011 out of the brain trust also known as TheBEP Islanders at the GVHawaiiOhana Roundtable(not the Pizza place!!!) on the 11th Floor of the building currently known as the Pacific Guardian Building( aka Ghost buster Building of Ke’eaumoku, aka GVHawaiiOhana HeadQuarters).

Those present wished to be unnamed, but too bad…… Their legacy lives on!!!!

Sir Alex of Canada, twin brother of Alex of Brazil, aka Alex WTF(Where’s The Food 😉 )

Sir Alex of Brazil, aka SurferWB of Brazil( SurferWithBenefits, MAYbe!!!)

Ms. Carolina of Goiania Brazil and NYC ( aka Ms. Carolina of the famous line, “Hey Peter……………. I have a question?’)

The bet was made when Alex WTF said his Grandmama could WALK a marathon on 8 hours……………..SoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I said I’d do IN 8 HOURS WHILE DRINKING 3 BEERS AND EATING A HANK’S HAUTE  DOG…….tHE bET WAS LAID, MADE AND tAKEN IN rETURN fOR FINISHing i’D GET A NICE BOX OF 25 OF one  MY FAVORITE THINGS AND he’ll need to name his first born  BEP Islander.

(ok, the last part I just made up, but the rest is real!!!)

Stay in tuned for more later tomorrow…..HiTime





Yes GVHawaiian Nation! The past 25 days in one post. 

 e kala mai ia’u(Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaiian) = please excuse me for my laziness(Engrrrrrrrrrish)

I didn’t gain weight, didn’t train everyday and most days!!! Buuuuuuuut I did drink a lot of liquids AND i do have 25 days of GVHawaiians and their pics!!!



The next 40 days and 40 nights leading into HNL Marathon Day, the GVHawaiian Nation can now refer to our daily posts as……

The GVHiLife HNL Marathon

The GVHawaiian Journey or

The GVHiLife Marathon or

The HNL Marathon: 40 Days & 40 Nights of GVHawaii HiLights

for those in the know(circa BEP T13 2011)……………

The GVHiLife HNL Marathon Chronicles: 3 Beers and a Haute Dog!


First Official Surf competition/event is the HIC PRO…

Waiting Period: From October 29th, until  November 10th…..

The waiting period is implemented because the event organizers would like for the surf events to run when the surf is at its best. Each day at 6:30 in the morning the event organizers determine whether the surf is good enough to hold the event.

Here’s a little something from the website( the main sponsor of the event)

The HIC PRO is a $95,000 4-star rated Association of Surfing Professionals event.

A vital launching pad for local rising surf stars, the HIC PRO is a local qualifier for the 30th Anniversary $1million Vans Triple Crown of Surfing that will follow from November 12 through December 20.

A total of 144 surfers from 13 nations will compete in the HIC PRO, with a 50 per cent representation by local Hawaii surfers. The 4-star rating of the event makes it a critical source of ASP ratings points for all who have entered. Athletes will come from as far away as Argentina, France, and Australia.

The defending champion of the HIC PRO is Ezekiel Lau – a junior-aged surfer who just this week placed second in the ASP World Junior Championships in Bali. The newly crowned ASP World Junior champion – Australia’s Jack Freestone – is also entered into the event.

Other notable HIC PRO contenders include

Hawaii’s Sebastian Zietz

6-time Vans Triple Crown champion Sunny Garcia

former HIC Pro champions Billy Kemper

Pancho Sullivan

Myles Padaca

Maui’s Ian Walsh and Clay Marzo

International contenders include #1 seed Jean De Silva (Brazil)

former world champion Mark Occhilupo (Australia)

Joan Duru (France)


Good luck everyone and enjoy the surf!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The burning history of Honolulu’s ChinaTown.


The Days Inspiration: 40 minutes to Disney and back to hotel, on foot and lovin’ every minute of it!


The Days WorkOut:

2 cup crappy 100% ha’ole coffee

4 beignet w/ hella lotta powdah sugar

2 bbq style pork ribs, tablespoon mashed potatoes

½ plate Spaghetti marinara meatballs

3 pepperoni pizza slices

3 beers – Sierra Nevada


Sponsor Aloha:

Kona Brewing for being the King Kamehameha of swag

Hank’s Haute Dogs for doggie style dogs in Hawaii

Blue Hawaii LifeStyle for being true and blue.