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100-yen store in Japan

Posted: December 5, 2012 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff


In recent years, a lot of companies have entered the price war in Japan. One of the new businesses started that is called “100-yen store” which sells all products for only 100yen (100yen=1.2USD 12/03/12). You can buy anything you want at there; daily necessities, cosmetics, foods, toys, interior goods, and so on.

At the beginning, 100-yen store sold low-end and bottom-end models of various products, but today, those products have became more sophisticated. Those list prices are already rock bottom because they don’t have any discounts or loss leaders.

Why they price it at a low cost because they order from another country that makes products cheaper than Japan, order defective goods which cost less than half price, or produce own products. There is a big demand for 100-yen stores, but it is said it cannot be successful in a large city because of high land price and labor cost.

However, a lot of companies compete in the 100-yen store market, some companies are producing high-end, top-end and premium models products, and moving upmarket.




Posted: December 5, 2012 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

I would like to introduce ROSS, which is a very famous discount store chain, with more than 1,000 stores in 27 states. They stock a number of goods and their quality varies depending on the product. Therefore, I sometimes find sophisticated, exclusive and popular products with a low price. ROSS is undercutting its competitors on the original products. One writer says, ”ROSS is like a treasure hunting place”.

ROSS has some levels of prices in their price tag. For example, I got a glass dish at ROSS; their list price was $40-. Then, it is 50% discounted to $20- as recommended retail price. It was a Thanksgiving week when I went there, so the dish was one of the door busters. Finally, I got the dish at $12-. However, it is not low-end generally. I think I can’t get it at such a low price even in Japan. I love sophisticated, premium and high-end items. It is not easy to find them in a mass market chain. I sometimes accomplish that at ROSS. Their products have prices cut certainly, so you could be satisfied if you found something you want.

Let’s go treasure hunting!!


Maiko Sakata  -BEP-

Are you waiting for Christmas sale? What do you want

to buy this Christmas? As you well know, a lot of

companies are discounting their products. However, all

companies have different and special strategies. They

can be classified into two types of discounting strategy.

First of all, there is a clearance sale. This is the form of

typical discount, many companies are using this

strategy to sell their products efficiently. Because when

the company has a clearance sale, a lot of customers

buy many items on impulse, even though they don’t

need to buy them at all. I also feel temped to buy

something whenever I see an absolutely cheap price,

although I know the product is not necessary for me to

purchase, I often buy low-priced products just in case

one day I need them. Through my experience, I am sure

it is a definitely great discounting strategy, indeed!

Secondly, there is the strategy of higher-end brand.

Usually these luxury brands never have any sales as a

sales policy. But every now and then, they sell at a

discount, many customers wait for their discounting

season. Actually, these higher-end brands discount

only 10-20%, but the original prices of these products

are extremely high so a a lot of people want to buy these

products in spite of the fact they are still quite

expensive. I have read an article about it a few months \

ago. In this article, as soon as a high-end brand open

their shops, all products are sold out in 10 minutes.

Through this strategy, the company can make lots of

profit in a short time.

In a nutshell, all companies make strategies to figure

out when the customers want to buy and what makes

the customers want to spend money. We all know,

discounting is the most important business. But it is

time to go to shopping. We cannot give up enjoyable

things! Enjoy your shopping time!

written by seul gi lee/

about Chinese Market

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asdfasdfThe world is changing quickly ever day.

Also every company is very busy to follow the trend without failing.

I want to talk about China which has a population of 1.3billion.

China is the biggest market in the world.

Based on 1.3billion people and lots of resources, they have succeeded in reaching a high economic position which has become a very interesting phenomenon.

Just only 15 years ago, every company in China focused on cheap and low-priced goods because they could not make profit from the mass market but a particular niche.

During nearly 15 years, everything has changed a lot. Most of companies, these days , are focusing on products which specialize in Mass market.

They provide good customer service and their goods are high-priced.

There is a price boom in China and nobody knows when this price boom will end because the Chinese customers will be willing to buy

high-priced goods in the future. Also, the number of the people who have more than million dollar is still growing in China.

by Justin

The Black Friday

Posted: December 5, 2012 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff


Masumi Ishikawa

I enjoyed the day of Black Friday this year.

I went to Ala Moana Shopping Center with my friend.

She bought a sophisticated and exclusive bag which was at a super- premium price.

It was fun to buy discounted items on that day.

Some of my favorite stores had a few door busters and the price tags showed low prices.

Most of the goods were cheap even though they were high-quality=high-priced almost 60% down from the list price.

On Black Friday, people are not interested in buying goods which are permanently low priced.

About prices!

Posted: December 5, 2012 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

Now I am going to talk about prices. As you know, almost all companies have recently raised their prices

Even though prices are rising, product quality is also improving. But customers want low – priced or

mid – priced goods all the time.

So many companies provide discount prices like Black Friday. Although they are discounting, their goods

are cheap – low – priced but also high quality. Unfortunately, luxury brands have not discounted their

prices because they have high quality products and take pride in them.

So only the richest people are willing to buy them!


– Hyeokmin-


Ordinary consumer in Tokyo likes to trade up.  They want to pay more for high quality.  The prices they are willing to pay, depend on individual people.  Some consumers want to pay more for food, the others want to pay for clothes, furniture or cars.  They like premium products and exclusive products, so retailers set high-end prices to those products.  That’s why companies in Tokyo have to provide products that people are willing to pay for.


On the other hand, consumer in countryside in Japan is not like in Tokyo.  They don’t have as much money as consumers in Tokyo do.  They like low-priced products and discounting, so in rural areas retailers have price war much more compared to retailers in Tokyo.  A company which has only high-end products has difficulty to survive in rural Japan.


I would say if a company wants to survive in Japan, they need to attract a specific consumer niche in Tokyo and target mass market in rural Japan.