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The unemployment in Switzerland will grow in the year 2013. The reason is the poor economy. Many unemployed have no education and they don’t have a big chance on a new job. The employers are looking for employees who already have training and  a practical knowledge of the job.

In the second semester 2013 there will be deterioration in the watch industry. The orders from Hong Kong have declined and the production will be slowed down in the watch industry. Orders from Europe and USA has been held back but China is the key for this industry.

The Swiss people look back positively in the year 2012 and they are optimistic for the year 2013. They yearned for more success in 2012, a good job, more sex and leisure. But in 2013 they want more security because of the rising crime in Switzerland.  by Guelsah

The situation between the American Banks and the Swiss Banks will be more and more dramatic still because of the intent of facilitating tax evasion.

The falling gold price and the strong Swiss franc are the reason for the big losses for the Swiss National Bank .

The tourism industry in Switzerland is making less revenue because the neighboring countries will always be cheaper with the poor performance of the Euro.  by Serena

Hot issue of Korea  by Seulgi Leei

Korea aeronautical laboratory developed a drone. Korea aeronautical laboratory developed a drone, it is the second development after united states.

This project of drone has developed from 2002 and Korea government has investigated total  $97 billion.

Moreover next year, this technology will be commercialized the world’s first.

This drone can make a flight for 3 hours at 500km. it doesn’t need to runway because it is able to vertical takeoff and landing. The market breadth of drone is $4.6 billion so Korea government is expecting to create a market 3 trillion each year.


The spread of electronic book completely, because one of famous American news magazine “Newsweek” has started to sell on online since beginning of this year which is only sold digital file. In Japan, the electronic book market was still small. However, it has become more famous since last year; today, the Japanese rate of spread is coming to American’s. This year, a lot of companies which sell electronic books will compete with each other. by Emiri


It’s that time again. A new year to be filled with many ventures in to the known and unknown that is the GVHawaiians experience.

Mahalo nui loa(Thank you very much) to the GVHawaiians who have decided to be a big part of the GVHawaiiOHANA experience on FaceBook and Twitter.

We look forward to being able to create more exciting, cool and creative content to share with you.

In 2013 we would like to plan to implement to dream the impossible when possible! as follows……………Image

1. Create 260 original videos depicting beautiful Hawai’i, the people that live here and the very special GVHawaiians who have had or are currently living for the experiences that last lifetimes.

2. Become much more active an involved in the GVHawaiiOHANA pinterest boards. Sharing the pictures from many of the GVHawaiiOHANA who have been here.

3. Be more active on the GVHawaiiOHANA blog creating content through pictures of GVHawaiians who are here in 2013.

4. Quadruple the amount of people in the GVHawaiian Nation, through the use of more relevant, interesting, useful and authentic content across the various social media platforms.

5. Have fun, enjoy life and sharing experiences of life in beautiful Hawai’i.