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ImageToday, as often, we are going to interview some shop salespeople to complete one of our project. This time it’s about customers loyalty. Therefore, we go to “Blue Hawaii Surf” and ask some questions to the lovely Jennifer.

For her a loyal customer is a customer who comes regularly and if this customer is looking for a product, he will first come to this shop. In “Blue Hawaii Surf” they have brands which are limited and you can’t find anywhere else.
When I ask her about an important factor serving loyalty she focuses on a good service, you really need to give good services if you want loyal customers.
But how do they price their products? They have the basic price given by the brand and afterwards they bump a bit these prices because they are a local shop. “Anyway the customer come to our shop, mostly are Japanese, Australian or local.”
They did have a loyalty card but it didn’t work well and stopped.
Another good point for this shop is the location. First it is located in Ala Moana Center but also there is the fact that all the others surf shops are in the other side of the center. Even with this good location they have to advertise and be known by as many people as possible. Therefore they appear in Japanese magazines and in Ala Moana’s Fashion Show.
The shop has also a website and a blog but the best way to learn about it is simply to come have a look, it’s a really nice shop!

We had a great time there and even bought clothes, like every time we enjoyed the BEP…Image




Our ProfesorBEP said he discovered(coined) a new word today. The word is an amalgamation of the two words. It will mean the ability to interact thoughtfully and with purpose. It’s being used to describe the degree of effectiveness his students are able to achieve through class projects that require purposeful interaction with kind strangers in order to achieve any of their goals associated with purposeful and effective communication. The result of which being shown through texts, pictures or videos as posted on various social media platforms. This new word is interactable(interaction/interactive + doable/able).


Across Kapiolani Blvd.  you can find an awesome Hawaiian underground shop for clothes and shoes – unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aloha coming your way!!!



Today, new program for our business class…Let’s be young and wild by visiting a surf shop which just opened at the end of 2012. HAWAIIAN STYLE! Women, men and children will for sure find something awesome to buy in this cool shop. We start with a photo shooting in front of the local surf shop, having fun with the owner who even brings us a surfboard for the picture. Afterwards we go in and take a lot of pictures while enjoying our trip all together. Surfboards, skateboards, GoPros, clothes, accessories, everything is there…even food. And guess what?! The main sale in this shop is a local PIE! 

If you are looking for good quality and local stuff go there…This shop rocks! 

Like every time, we had a good time with our cool teacher Peter! Enjoy…

Yann D


BEP Class field trip - Explore new business in Honolulu

Field trip in Taste Tea

Visiting  and interviewing  local business shops is what we usually do in our BEP program class.
Thanks to Peter K. Castillo,  our BEP teacher, we had a field trip to Taste Tea, and had a talk with the owner, Yen.

You can find many real Taiwanese drinks  here, for example bubble milk tea, oolong tea, spring tea, Taiwanese melon tea, etc.

All the ingredients are imported from Taiwan.

Ya, shaka, support good tea, support Taiwan 😛

1391 Kapiolani Blvd ,Ste 105,Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 951-8288

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