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When the ProfessorBEP was asked ‘ what’s there to do on the island of Molokai?’…..

He said, it’s correct Hawaiian language pronunciation is Moloka’i(emphasis on the ‘i’, not Molokai, even though all the locals on the friendly isle will say, Molokai….lol!

Here’s what a first time visitor on the island should be doing.

1. Make reservations way ahead of time to do the KALAUPAPA Mule Ride: An all day affair, from 8am in the morning till about 4pm. AND well worth the time spent on Moloka’i.

2. Make another reservation wayyyyyyyy ahead of time for a rental car, preferrably a 4×4 Jeep or SUV.

3. The places to stay: Hotel Moloka’i in Kaunakakai or a condo from someone at the old Kaluakoi resort/golf course.

4. Wave at EVERYONE(hence the name ‘the Friendly Isle’) you see while driving you’re rental car.

5. Go to Papohaku BEACH: it’s only 3 miles long, but a great place for a lunch, a tan or for some fishing( don’t catch all the fish, then the locals won’t be friendly)

6. Phallic Rock: find it, sit on it and check out the beautiful view of Kalaupapa peninsula…Careful ladies: the rock is known to predict being hapai( check out for a definition)

7. Drive to the other side(east side) a cruise around this part of the island until you get to Halawa Valley/Beach area. There is a hike to go into the valley( about 1hr 15 minutes IN), BUT only if you RESPECTFULLY ask someone from the family who lives in that valley if you CAN hike it….

8. At sunset, either watch the sun go down from the bar/restaurant at Hotel Molokai, if you’re stay there or head back to Kaluakoi and BBQ, have a few brews and u can also see the sunset from the beach front of Kaluakoi…Either way it’s beautiful.

Friendly isle CAUTION: Kaunakakai town closes EVERYTHING by 6pm…so buy what you need for snacks and meals for the day AND night of each whole day you’re there. Kaunakakai town is the best/only place to go for your shopping needs.


As quoted by TheBEP Professor (aka ProfessorBEP….lol)  INTERACTABLE is…


‘ The ability to interact thoughtfully and with purpose…… The result of which being shown through texts, pictures or videos as posted on various social media platforms. This new word is interactable(interaction/interactive + doable/able). ‘


Tuesday was the inaugural Day of TheBEP Burger Expedition: WAIKIKI.


Wednesday was thinking quickly, speaking quasi-business sense in 30 seconds and creating very sensible blog posts.


Thursday was textbook stuff, prep for a presentation, finding interesting TV Commercials in their respective countries and why is makes sense.


Friday will involve a trip to Honolulu Burger Company,  La Gelateria and a nice local art gallery…




Here in Hawaii a few shops use the French language either as a company name or on their menu if they are talking about a French product.
But using another language can be though if misspelled!
It is exactly what happened to me twice since I’m in Global Village. Both time I explained the mistake to the salesperon.
Now, they had 2 different reactions to my explanation.
The first one was a kind of disappointment showing that I had to keep it for myself.
However the second shop was grateful and directly corrected the mistake while talking with me and having fun about the mistake.
These 2 different reactions stay in my mind and so we do with every customer service. Dear salespeople, be careful about your answers, we remember them!


Today was the first day in my BEP in the classroom.


In the latter half, we watched the short videos from “” website.

In this video, people were making a presentation of their ideas about a certain business theme in 30 seconds.

In my class, my teacher asked us to express our opinions about the theme before we watched the videos.

Some of the themes are something that I never considered before.

But I still had to say something about it somehow.

I found it is very difficult to organize and express my ideas in a short period of time.

I was amazed, when I watched the video, to know how they organized their ideas and make it into a clear presentation.


In the business situation, I suppose I would have a lot of opportunity to express my opinions.

In order to meet that need, I would like to improve my ability to brainstorm, to put into order my ideas into a well-organized form, and present them to others in a short period of time.

It needs practice, but worth whole doing.

Nice hawaiian experience

Posted: April 24, 2013 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

Yesterday I had my first surf session. I was at the beach only to check the waves out. Suddenly a guy, who rents the boards at the beach came to me and we started to talk (about Germany and Hawaii)The result was, that I got a Surfboard for free. Hawaiian people are very very nice!!!! That was a great hawaiian experience !!!

Let’s get ready for May Day LEI Day. It’s that one day in Honolulu at KAPIOLANI PARK where the most beautiful designers, craftsmen and women come together to show their crazy beautiful Hawaiian flower lei creations… BE THERE…

TheBEP will be there…and some other classes too!!!


Flash Back Pic from Last Summer’s BEP

Yesterday, TheBEP class went on their inaugural Burger Exploration. The goal was to eat at the best ‘burger’ joints in Waikiki. We started out at 9am and finished up by 11:45am.

Our findings were interesting and varied. We’ll have the results posted later in the week.

The three places we went to….

Cheeseburger in Paradise, Teddy’s Bigger Burger & Mahaloha Burger…

Next up is Islands Burger at Ala Moana and Honolulu Burger Company…