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I’ve chosen the brand Personal Paradise. This brand has a lot of body lotion, hand lotion and cosmetic products.

I like this products because they smell very nice and they make the skin feel. I think the products are produced organically and are perfect to use as a gift.

I think local products are better then the imported one because we can support the local companys and so we can maybe protect a lot of jobs.

We visited the shop between Ala Moana Center and Nordstrom on the 2nd floor. The shop called Blue Hawaii Lifestyle. I think this shop sells only products from Hawaii.Image


The maui soap company began in the kitchen from Alana and Coor Neary (the owner). It is a real family business in the traditional sense. Since then they have outgrown the kitchen and have continued to expand to include 13 different soaps, body butters, hand + body lotions, lip balms, sugar scrubs, gift sets and now even sunscreens. All products are made in maui island. But there are a lot of other stores on the other Hawaiian Islands.

At the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu you can find the shop blue Hawaii Lifestyle (on the second level). This shop sells a lot of local products coffee, snacks, tshirts, soaps, honey and also maui soap products.

You can choose between hand and body lotions (227 ml for $17.75) and body butter (57 ml for $13.75 or you can buy two for $24). You can test the products in the shop before you buy it. There are 6 different types: Lavender, pineapple orehid, mango papaya, coconut, pikake and plumeria. All products are 95% natural and 70% organic. My favourite product is the coconut, it smells very good and feels good on the skin. I warmly recommend the maui soap products. I warmly recommend the maui soap products. That’s are very good local Hawaii products and a good choise to bring aloha spirit back home.

“For J’ s Hawaii Inc.” is a company which sells gourmet infused sea salts and Hawaiian cane sugars. The special thing about their products is that they are all made in Hawaii. Janis Tanga is the founder of the company. She always found great pleasure and excitement in sharing recipes and new discoveries with friends and family members. And that is the reason why she started her own company. “For J’s Hawaii Inc.” was founded in June 2001 on the island of Oahu. Janis main goal is to produce gourmet salts and sugars that noticeably enhance our food. All ingredients are natural. To their most popular salts, you can count the gourmet sea salt made with fresh onions from Maui, the sea salt with garlic and the sea salt with Hawaiian chili pepper. Furthermore the most popular sugars are natural mango, natural pineapple and natural lychee. The The prices fluctuate between $6 and $12. If you are interested in these high quality products, you can buy them for instance at the blue Hawaii lifestyle cafe at the Ala Moana CenImageter. The products are more expensive than salts and sugars in supermarkets. But in my opinion it’s worth it. I think the little things make the difference. I believe that you can enhance your homemade food a lot with quality products. 

Personal Paradise is a Hawaiian Company. 

They sell only Hawaiian products! You have selection from bath products to post cards. I explore about body creams. I found the best fragrance ever: The HAWAIIAN FLOWER COLLECTION! The fragrance are so special. It has everything, from botanical and pikake to kiwano and coconut. The products are availbale in defferent sizes. The little one cost 3.50 and big one is only 11.00. Thats very very affordable for a indigenous and seldmade company. The store has a lot of other products. For example selfmade postcards, coffee, clothes, Hawaiian Music, spices, honey, and a lot mor.


Aloha Bruna of Brazil!!! Welcome to Hawai’i…Here is a list of the really good places of interest on O’ahu.

1. Bishop Museum in Kalihi

2. Lyon Aboretum in Manoa Valley

3. Honolulu Museum of Art on Beretania St. 

4. Waimea Valley, North Shore –

5. Waimea Bay Beach

6. Sunset Beach @ sunset time, North Shore

7. Lanikai Beach, Kailua

8. Turtle Bay Beach Resort, North Shore

9. Diamond Head lookout & beach

10. Sandy Beach, no swimming!!!Too dangerous…But a beautiful beach