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What’s the actual monetary value of a Like, Comment and/or Share on your Facebook Page?

Currently the best answer is……………’ I don’t know.’ and it’s kinda hard to make a strategy around this and then take it to the boss. 

To just like a FB page is one kind of like, but as we are realizing, not all ‘Likes’ are created equal. There are the likes, comments and shares on a post for which we’re learning has even more value in the quest for ‘top of mind’ or ‘brand awareness’ marketing strategies. As evidenced in our quest to achieve #SocialMADNESS Supremacy in The Business Journal(USA) via Pacific Business News.

The basis of achieving points in this nationwide contest is through a super secret algorithm of each organizations Likes, Comments and Shares on their FB posts and similar demographic pressure points in ones Google+, Twitter & Linkedin presence.

As we follow through with the creation and placement of what seems to be rather meaningful content, our community of GVHawaiians have come alive like the fish at Pagoda restaurant do when it’s feeding time. It’s amazing because it’s like real-life real-time Classic Pavlovian Social Media Marketing(lack of a better description) unraveling daily…

It’s exciting to see marketing work you’ve done come to life, but not when there’s no tangible(monetary) way to directly link this kind of ‘brand awareness’ productivity cost with an organizations bottom line. Profits. Nothing against profits, but a good answer to my question would be better.

We have been asking this question the past few days from a few company owners, managers, assistant managers and retail staff in Honolulu. What is the real or monetary value on additional likes on your FB page? Since it’s common knowledge that companies should or must have a FB page in addition to a Twitter/Vine, Instagram/Video and possibly Pinterest platform presence, then what is it really worth? Is it $1 of one cent for every like?

Haven’t found an answer yet and maybe you have better luck with this one. Opine as you wish!


First of all, I think you need to find your passion. Find a field of work that is really interesting for you, a field which keeps you moving on and makes your heart beat faster. This point is for me the most important. In addition you should be sure that you can earn a little bit of money in this job. It doesn’t matter how much. What important is that you can live a moderate life and have enough money to survive. This point is important but definitely not the most important because when you earn a lot of money but hate to do this work, you won’t be happy with your life and your career. The third important aspect to ensure you will be happy in your career is to stay independent and flexible. Don’t commit to things (like agreements) that force you to do things you don’t want to do. Make sure that you always have the chance to change the company if you are not happy anymore.