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Articles on the Internet address an annual award that is related to the top social media influencers in Hawaii. One of the candidates for this year’s award is Jason Seaborn, a Communications and Social Media Specialist at Hagadone Printing Company.


Jason started using social media platforms for only personal use, and he soon realized how useful and powerful they could be. He saw the intersection of business and social media as an opportunity for him to shift into a new career path. Of course, his background helped him enter into this new area: His experience up until that point had included many years in the newsrooms of major metropolitan newspapers, including the Star-Bulletin, Star-Advertiser and Contra-Costa Times in the Bay Area. That experience, as well as his media relations and communications experience as Public Information Specialist for the Hawaii State Department of Health positioned him to take his already active personal social media use and apply it professionally, managing social media for small businesses where he lives on the North Shore of Oahu.


It was then that he became noticed by Hawaii political figures and he was brought on board Hagadone as their social media / communications specialist, and also hired as the Social Media Director for the Linda Lingle U.S. Senate campaign.


Following the unsuccessful campaign, Jason has now helped grow Hagadone’s H1 Division in all aspects of its social media offerings, and Jason also continues to help manage social media for small and large business clients, train them, and stay involved in the local social media community through his role on the Board of the Social Media Club of Hawaii.


For him, among the top qualities of a Social Media Specialist (SMS) is the need to treat others with respect. A rather simple and straightforward bit of advice, Jason nevertheless feels it fundamental to be helpful and polite, to treat people with dignity and to have patience when dealing with others.


Apart from this, he mentioned that it is important to be competent and familiar with the Hawaii community landscape and the issues important to people, and have a familiarity with the islands’ history. He also stressed the importance of knowing the different social media platforms, know the audience, and know what people want to get out of their personal and professional use of social media.


Having a thick skin,” and not taking things personally are key to operating in the public arena as a social media manager, according to Jason.


He underlined that the determining factors of success with social media are not necessarily just related to money or funds, but rather the characteristics he mentioned, and the ability to put effort, consistency and quality into performing social media duties.


In a bit of a humorous fib, Jason credited his being “a great guy” with how he has experienced success in social media. In truth though, Jason credits his career experience, and the people he has worked with, including the team at Hagadone’s H1 Division for all of their support and hard work. And he sees that as the reason he is included on the list of the top Hawaii`s social media influencers. In addition to that, he declared to be honored to be on this list and that he is fascinated with social media because of its ongoing learning cycle.


This essay was originally written by TheBEP Chico. He resides in Brasilia but is currently enrolled in the Business English Program(TheBEP) at GVHawaii. He  loves the Hawaiian Life, Brazilian soccer and loves his wife even more(infinityXinfinity). And has no doubts, that one day soon, he’ll be world famous because of this essay and his undying love for his beautiful wife.


Being a native Hawaiian Gina Salvador couldn’t be a more comfortable person to interview.  We reached her on the phone and asked a few questions. She ended up talking and talking and talking so that I had difficulties to note down everything she said. You have to know that English is my second language. In the end my paper was full of really interesting information about Gina’s historical background, her work for the Hawaiian Visitors & Convention Bureau, her own company and the nomination for the TOP 12 social media influencer.

Gina Salvador has been working for the Hawaiian Visitors & Convention Bureau for more than 25 years now. She joined HVCB at the very beginning and is now responsible for longtime customer relationships. During this time she collected a bunch of experiences about how to stay connected to people as well as using the internet as it came up. Nowadays social media has become a very important medium to connect people globally. With all her knowledge and experience Gina founded her own company called Network808 in 2009. Network808 provides networking events preliminary for business people. For example business people meet for lunch and have the possibility of networking themselves on a very comfortable way. Of course Gina is always happy with helping them out with valuable tips about networking.

As I asked Gina about the best way to stay connected to people she told me the following. First of all: stay real! Don’t try to assemble an imaginary “me” even if this might be easy nowadays when most of the information is posted on the internet. What you need when building new relationships with people no matter if using social media or interacting on a personal way is time. Start out with an “Aloha!” and after that just take your time to get to know this person. Networking is not like speed dating. People should remember your characteristics and not just your phone number. Another point is that you always have to be sincere. This has a lot to do with the first point as well. Be honest and tell the people how you feel about things. At last but not least, you need to share yourself. Nothing is easier than this given all the possibilities of social media. Let the people be a part of your life and let them know what you are doing. The more personal you are with your share experiences the more connected you can stay to your audience.

My next question was about in what amount networking happens via social media compared to personal contact. Social media networking might be less time consumptive than the personal “shake somebodies hand way”. Gina didn’t tell me an effective number but she told me that even if you established a good relationship via Facebook & co. it is important that you also have a personal contact. You need kind of a face to face relationship as well as a good to social media presence. Good networking needs time!

Gina was quiet surprised about her nomination for the TOP 12 social media influencers of Hawai’i. She said that she doesn’t see herself as a big social media influencer. In that point we might have a different opinion. I wish her luck and hope she is going to make it because Gina is a very nice Hawaiian with a lot of vitality and kindness. For me it was a stunning and very interesting experience to talk to such an open-minded person who knows her stuff so well. I learned a lot in only 15 minutes of conversation and I hope that people are going to use all the services Gina is providing for a better community in Hawaii. Mahalo!

                Christa Wittmier is one of the 12 candidates for the Top 5 influencers of a social media, and she is definitely a person worth voting for.

                From an early age her friends called her the “Super CW”, because she would be the one you call when something goes wrong with your computer. Among her friends, she was always one of the first to try a new way to use the Social Media. She was also the first to have a blog, originally created to let her friends know what she was doing and how she was, but the Honolulu Nightlife Diaries popularity grew fast. People that do not know Christa in person say that her blog is fun and easy to read. She says that a reason why people started to read her blog was that there was nobody else doing it at that time.

               Nowadays she uses also other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Vine. She was very pleased to be nominated for the Top 5 social media influencers, and thinks that she was nominated, because she tries to help a lot of people, even on top positions in different companies, with their social media. She is willing to explain how the Social Media works, and those people appreciate it and cite her often.

                When asked about the qualities that a social media influencer should have, what came to her mind first was that it should be somebody good in person. Christa thinks that to be good in social media, you have to be open-minded, and accept different opinions and ideas. Furthermore, we should let our personality show through, and do not pretend anything. People would soon realize that you are not honest with them, and once you lose them, they will never come back.  In addition, you should be prepared to read a lot and be “cognizant of posting”. Do not post every single thing that you think of. Post only what, in your opinion, is really interesting and what other people would be willing to take their time to read.

                There are 11 more candidates trying to get to the final Top 5, and Christa Wittmier is for sure one of those that deserves to be nominated. She enjoys the work with social media and also follows the activity of other people there, some of them nominated, too. When Super CW talks about the social media, you can feel the enthusiasm in her, the passion for it. It is easy to realize that it has become a part of her life. She also adds that people can feel connected to her blog as the subject matter is not abstract, but it is about the people, about the events, and about enjoying life.