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– bow the first time you meet someone

-“Itadakimasu” is said at the start of a meal.  That is table manners.

– In Japan, people gather five minutes before the set time = on time.

– In the workplace, Japanese people exchange business cards at time of first meeting = etiquette.

– In Japan, first name follows the family name, that is customary.

– Sitting upright on the floor is common in many situations= a Japanese custom


– blowing your nose in public and especially at the table is considered bad table manners.

– It is considered bad table manners to burp at the table.

– Do not put your elbow on the table during the meal.  This is etiquette.

– Japanese people do not like the numbers 4 and 9.  This is taboo.  4 means “death.”

– Do not stick your food with chopsticks.  This act is “sashibashi” = impolite.



– If you’re meeting someone for the first time, stretch out your hand and say “giuezi” => hello

– If you meet a friend, then you kiss them three times: first right side, then left side and right again.  (boys stick with a handshake to say hello).

– When you go into a store say “giuezi” => hello and when you leave say “adio”  => bye

– When you meet friends for a drink, look at your partner in the eyes, click your glasses and say “prast”  => cheers.


– Don’t be late because in Switzerland it’s very rude.

– Don’t drive a car if you’re younger than 18 years old also if you have the driver license from America.

– You can’t throw your trash into any old bag because you must pay for special garbage bags.

– Don’t put your feet on the other seat on the bus.

– Don’t smoke in a restaurant that’s a “newer” etiquette in Switzerland.

She’s from Japan and came to O’ahu to go to high school for a couple years. A little over a year ago she came to GVHawaii. Her beginnings at GV started in our General English Program classes, which lasted  and for her, maybe a couple weeks. Her next option was to take part in the Business English Program.

In all honesty, she entered the BEP with very little hope of surviving the first week. With no formal education in business or the basics of economics and finance how would anyone survive in a business class, especially when English is not your native language. Nana not only survived, she endured over 50 weeks of business class. It was by no means easy for her or her teachers, but she persevered when others might have thought otherwise.

I’m writing this article because today she continues to amaze us. As a student in the Mobile Software Development Program at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida, she’s blazing into unfamiliar territory yet again. I remember continuously telling her to focus and to just do and do your best.

Apparently she has done just that…..Here’s a copy of her essay she wrote on her own and sent in for a chance at earning her way to a $5,000 scholarship at FS University.

Her English is not perfect, but just enough to be better than most.

How my full sail education will help me achieve my career dream

            I have lived in Hawaii for 7 years.  I went to high school, college and International Business language school.  It was great and made my life way better.  However, there were tons of international students who want to study English and go University or college.  Sadly, those students were always hanging around with students from same country and not try to stay with local friends.

However, Full Sail is the school that I was looking for, Cause I am the only one Japanese student at school.  I’m sue my English is going to be more better and improved when I graduate.

            While I stayed to Business Language School, I had good experience with some local surf shop owners.  I helped to advertised to Japanese tourist, I learnt so many things from that.  However I only could wrote an blog in Japanese and tell them what’s the popular items, I didn’t had any career to make an app for store to bring more costumers.

            If I graduate with my degree from mobile development, I could do so many things in my future.  I am going to have knowledge about Winter Park and Orlando.  Most of tourist go to Orlando for Disney World, because its popular and famous in Japan and Hawaii too. But if I find a good restaurant in Winter Park, and started to write a blog in Japanese and English, I can bring more tourist to Winter Park too. I have so many ideas and hope with me now.

            Therefore, after I graduate Full Sail with my degree from Mobile Development, I will make Japan, Hawaii and Winter Park make closer.  


And YES, she earned her way to a $5,000 scholarship!!

Congrats NanaP from your ‘ohana at GVHawaiiOhana…..


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 “Travel etiquette for Japan”

If you were go to Japan,You need etiquette.

   First,If you take the bus,You need to give up to a seat for an elderly person because,In japan they have priority to sit down.

   Therefore,You need give up a seat for an elderly person.

   Second,If you go to a restaurant.You need table ,anners. Forex ample,You should not eith a mouth full of food.

   Therefore,you need table manners.

   Third,If you were to get together with a person.You need to be punctual.Punctuality is important in Japan.If you were not punctual.They feel offensive to you.

   Therefore,You need to be on time.

   Forth,If you have a tattoo,You can’t soak in a hot spring and pool because,They feel offensive.

   Fifth, If you were to ask the way on the street.Many people are very cold.

   In conclusion,In japan need to know about many customs.







Travel etiquette for Japan

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I’ll talk about Japanese etiquette.

In Japan public transportation comes on time. So you should go on time.

When you go to restaurants waitress give you a wet towel. So you can get it in  any restaurants.

When you want your gift wrapped the clerk will wrapped it for you them.

so you can ask them if you want them to do that.

You can say ”suimasen”when you have a problem. Then people will help you.

When you want to get a taxi you have to raise your hand and you can get a taxi.

You can’t enter a house with your shoes. You have to take off your shoes.

You can’t talk on cellphone when you use public transportation.

We have train cars just for women So if you are a man you can’t go to this space.

You can’t go to the pool if you have a tattoo.

You can’t smoke anywhere. You should go to a smoking area.

Travel etiquette for Japan

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You should greet older people first when you meet for the first time.

You must speak honorific words to your boss.

You have to take off your shoes when you enter someones house.

You should say ‘Itadakimasu” before eating and “Gotisousama” after eating, it is customary in Japan.

You have to be punctual.

Japanese people sit properly when sitting on the floor or eating at a low table, it is table manners.

After drinking alcohol, you can’t drive a car or sit in the passenger seat, it is taboo.

If you are talking in a big voice on the train, people will be offensive to you.

It is taboo, to point at people.

You should not walk on the left side of the road.

It’s offensive, to look for a long time at another person. 

Travel etiquette for Japan

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1. If you meet someone for the first time, you should bow in salutation. It’s customary in Japan.

2. If you visit someone’s home, it is good etiquette to take off your shoes.

3. It’s offensive to take someone’s picture without permission.

4. Be punctual for meeting time. It is a minimum of etiquette.

5. Eating “Japanese-Soba” or “Ramen” with slurping sound is customary but when you eat other food, it’s impolite.

6. When you have dinner, before eating or drinking you should say “Itadakimasu”. It’s thank-you. It’s table manners in Japan.

7. Telling someone’s private information is taboo.

8. I want visitor to develop Japan’s cultural literacy.

9. Don’t eat or drink on public transport. It’s bad etiquette.

10. You have to wear a seat-belt when you drive even though you sit in the back seat.

11. Dangerous driving is offensive for other people.

12. If you are invited to someone’s house, you should to bring a gift. It’s customary behavior.

13. If you are visiting someone in the hospital. to bring a plant is taboo. Because a plant has roots and it means don’t get well.