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As just seen in the video (Mr. Green Tea), it is not easy to successfully maintain a family business. Not to mention bringing the business forward and taking next steps. Different ideas of father and son can easily tear a business apart.

In case of Mr. Green Tea, they couldn’t agree on the way the business should be managed. On one hand there is the father (Rich), who knows the numbers but is not willing to take any risks. On the other hand, there is his son (Michael), who has excellent ideas in bringing the company a major leap forward, however, he is not aware of the financial impact of his plans. All in all, through this family constellation they were not able to take any decisions in order to bring the company forward. At this point, Mr. Marcus Lemonis comes into the stand-off. It was necessary to have someone from the outside to submit them the clear facts about the chances they have and the risks they should take. He also brought in a reasonable amount of money to actually take the next steps.

In the end, all of the family members agreed on the same business concept and fully went for it. It was absolutely necessary to have someone from the outside to bring up the clear facts and also a clear way to implement the changes.



BEP Peter the student


Mr. Green Tea

Posted: October 11, 2013 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

Mr. Green Tea is a family business founded by Mr. Santo Emanuele in 1968. They are producing ice cream and were really successful in it. Nowadays they have problems in sales. They lost a lot of margin by involving package companies. The other problem is, that the processes and the product have never changed since the beginning. That is the point why Mr. Markus Lemonis is invited helping the company. The first point he wants to change is excluding these package factories. Due to this change they are going to raise revenues by $500k per year. That is the reason why they are looking for a building to package their ice cream by themselves. This was an investment of about $1m and because of the raise of margin they get the money back in two years. Lemonis always says People, Product and Process are very important for a business. He likes the people and he loves the product. But he wants to expand with new products. There should be another line of ice cream. So they came up with the idea to build up the line Solo Ice Cream next to Green Tea Ice Cream. With the time there should be more lines. In 4 to 5 years he wants to raise the revenues from now $2m to $10m and later up to $50m. That is the point why Lemonis invested in this company. He felt secure in his investment and is convinced with the idea of making money.


By Mr. Brilliant of TheBEP

Marcus Lemonis

Posted: October 11, 2013 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

Impressions of Marcus Lemonis


Marcus is a brilliant Business man.

When a company has a problem with his turnover, profit or roi then Marcus is the right person resolving the issue.

When he comes in the company he makes a short analysis and sees the problem and the chance for a better business.

Sometimes he has a hard job with the owner, because the owner does not have the same opinion as Marcus every time.

He has a lot of very good ideas and sees the points at a glance.

His rule with Product, People and Process always goes on in each Company.

Marcus has a good flair for each Business, any way what kind of Business he does.

He thinks himself in this position from the owner and he acts only in favor of the company.


I think Marcus is the best thing that can happen for a business with bad turnover, bad process and any other problems.



Markus Lemonis  is a guy who helps people which have opened a business that does not run well. By the help of Markus the business from the guys works now. I think it is good to have someone who can help you in a bad business.  So the story from Mr. Green Tea was the same. It’s a family business which doesn’t run well.  The father’s name is Rich and he is the owner, the son’s name is Michael and he is the vice chief and the mother’s name is Lori and she helps with everything. Rich is more careful and Michael takes more a risk and so father and son have always a conflict. By the help of Mr. Lemonis it was better because it’s important to have a good family business. In the beginning Rich had to sign a check from Markus for 600’000 thousand dollars and by signing Markus is 35% involved on the business Mr. Green Tea. Rich signed the check and after that so much changed. Everything became a plan and so the business is successful.

By T.A Blondy

“ALOHA” in the Hawaiian language means hello and good-bye include the ALOHA spirits such as affection, peace, compassion and mercy.

Aloha Friday is the day I say “ALOHA” as “good-bye” to studying days and “hello” to my weekend to spend a relaxing time with great Hawaiian beer in the calm atmosphere. I also give “ALOHA” to my family, friends, teachers and everyone who has involved me. Moreover, I thank to the earth to make me feel happy, give many resources and much power with “ALOHA”. It is my ALOHA Friday. Not only a beer day but also to make sure ALOHA spirits for everything and everyone. Have a lovely ALOHA Friday.



By My Hat lady


I think this man is a true genius. He convinces his partner to know what they can do with a lot enthusiasm. He lives for the business and loves his job. He has achieved a lot and people trust him. He has many good ideas and can convince with hes arguments. He has a nice car and looks good. I think this series on television brings him much further in his own business because you know him then across America. Marcus Lemonis helps many people on how they should invest in the best business and where to get their money and make good deals.

Without doubt, Eddie Aikau brought through his actions, even in the face of death, great honor to the people of Hawaii. If we now think about, what we could learn from his actions and decisions to become aware of certain abilities which are also important in today’s business world.

Eddy showed different abilities in his situation on that boat as a part of a team. Such as:

–          Sense of responsibility

–          Determination

–          Readiness to make sacrifices

–          Passion

–          Knowledge about the own ability’s (strength and weakness)

–          Team effort

–          Concentration

–          Clear goal

–          Knowing the way to achieve the goal

–          Knowledge about technical means

–          Knowledge about risks and chances

–          Will to decide

In today’s business world all the above mentioned points can make a difference in a company. Some points are down to the personality of every person, others are based on clear instructions, such as goal and technical means. Last but not the least it all comes together in a team effort, where every single one has to bring up a certain effort in order to be successful as a company.


 By Peter the student BEP