The Swim of my life

Posted: February 14, 2014 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

Yesterday we went to the West Coast of Oahu for the amazing activity “swim with Dolphins”.  The Company who makes this activity picked us up at 9am and we drove to the harbor where the boat for our tour was waiting. First, we got our snorkel gear and some instructions and then we took our seats on the boat. After more instruction we drove to the sea. We drove more towards the North and stopped on a place near the coast where we saw a lot of whales. It was the first great experience on this day. We saw maybe seven whales.

After that we went away from the whales and drove to a place even more north. There we saw a dolphin family coming out of the water. We put on all our snorkel gear and dove in the water. It was one of the greatest times in my life! There were so many dolphins in the water that they were swimming under me and on the side of me.

Now, I will tell everybody: “Do this activity. It’s one of the best that you can do here in Hawaii.”





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