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THC is….Tatjana’s Hawaiian Creations


Her take on the good folks at Island Soap and Candle Shop…

The first impression you get if you go to the Island Soap and Candle Shop is a feeling of warmth. The two ladies in the shop are very friendly and helpful. You really feel that they like what they’re doing. I was impressed about the “kitchen” where they produce the soaps which is directly in the store. You can observe how they produce their soap and in this way you become a part of the whole. It’s not just a normal souvenir, it’s an experience you make which you can bring home. The smell will remember you on the great time you had inHawaii. The Island Soap and Candle Shop is a place you really shouldn’t miss.



There’s a place in Honolulu at Pier 38 called Nico’s.

The dude can cook! Obviously his name is Nico.

I recommend the fresh fried ahi belly and some chocolate cream pie, then a short nap on the beach.

After our monthly factory tour at Lion’s coffee which started at 10:30, we chartered a private van to pick us up and take us to Nico’s, then the man van driver was nice enough to bring us back to GVHawaii for more lessons by 12:20pm.

Aloha ‘Ohana,

A very close friend of mine is in town this week and I realize even more than ever that friendship and family are irreplaceable.

It was a little over 20 years ago I was introduced into his family as his ‘braddah’ or cousin(‘cuz’ in Hawaiian pidgin) and ever since then I only called his mother, mom. I wasn’t that easy for me to call another woman mom, since my mom is the greatest mom in the world. As i’m sure your mom are to you.

His mom was always mom to me. She passed away on December 31st last year and we had her funeral over the weekend. It brought back all those memories for years ago when the adults now are the kids I knew 20 years ago. We’ve all grown up, but have never lost the true meaning of being family.

Much in the same way, I see many friendships created from the students at GVHawaiiOhana. It’s nice to see coming from such a variety of people of different ages, backgrounds, countries and upbringings. That’s Hawai’i!

Live Aloha everyone!

Aloha family!

I just found out that there’s two wonderful students from Brasilia who are very good friends in Brasil and are also a big part of the GVHawaiiOhana.

They are Olivia and Vivian and…………………they’re Happy Crazy!!!

They bike 40 minutes everyday to school and have started a blog about their adventures in beautiful Hawai’i.

Please checkout their blog at………..………………… when you can.

I checked it out, just now!!!!…………’s AWESOME!!!!!

Aloha & Malama pono

Aloha ‘Ohana,

Today is that day we remember all the things we did throughout the year and how we coulda, shoulda & woulda(that’s the Hawaiian pidgin version). The English version is I wish I ‘could have’, ‘should have’, and ‘would have’ done this that or the other.

It’s just a year, at least we now have another chance to live up the coming year and make things better.

Here’s my take on things in life. Yes, it’s too short and be mindful of the important things and people.

Do your passion, work harder than the other guy or gal, be the best at it and the people that matter will notice.

The money things, well………to be continued…..

Have a great day and an awesome New Year everyone!