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Today’s TOPIC: Haute Dogs

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Carolina asked a question…….Then Yoshi asked a question, Naturally ProfessorBEP had a funny answer!


As directly translated from Portugese through the Google translator…..It’s not a perfect translation, but it is enough to understand what she’s trying to convey…..

Everything is a matter of options ….

To complete my ‘Sabbatical Year’ after 20 weeks in paradise Hawaii, I’m at the beginning of the fourth of approximately 30 weeks in New York crazy! 

And after the clash between these two realities as opposed, I realized more clearly than ever, as our life is made and guided choices and what can make a big difference ends up being the number of options. 

This is very new reality of York, a city that has everything for everyone, anytime, but at the same time remains both things as simple as kindness and a sunny Saturday. 

So I’ve been wondering not only about the quality and consequences of my choices, but where to find options that make a difference. 

And every time I’m more sure of how important the Search for the best and that makes us good. Fear of change is a choice that can not exist. The change, be it good or bad, urges us to move and certainly gives us more choice. 

Anyway, when I grow up I always look at my choices were wondering what the options and what I did to get them.

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Prototype at Ala Moana by ShoHey: Part 1


We went to see Gavin in a shop named Prototype located at Ala Moana Center.  The shop has been in business for more than a decade.  The name “Prototype” came from the idea of selling something new and striving to be ahead of other players in the market in Honolulu.  They sell T-shirts and hats of skateboard clothing brands located in mainland U.S.

They started the business because they wanted to spread over Hawaii their knowledge of what cool stuff is coming up on the mainland.  In order to maintain their fresh product selection at “prototype”, they traveled to the mainland to see what’s new there.

Gavin is very enthusiastic about what he is doing.  Besides explaining about their business to us, he also talked about the graffiti art hung on the walls of the shop.  He said that there are many talented graffiti artists who don’t have the opportunity to be recognized by a great many.  Younger generations have more affinities for street art than the older generation, and he seems to wish that one day it will become an established category of art.


Despite the weakened economy, the shop is growing more and more.  Now they have not only repeat customers but also tourists from all over the world including Japan, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.