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Caution: Use CAUTION, be Cautious, be careful, have FUN and have RESPECT for everything that is beautiful on Kaua’i. Hikes are best when it’s NOT raining and it can rain a lot on Kaua’i, please be careful and use your better judgement. Hike at your own risk!

1. Waimea Canyon – Awesome in it’s beauty and many, many hikes to do. Waipo’o Falls is a nice hike.

2. Poipu Beach – nice place to cruise on the beach and some nice snorkeling.

3. Ha’ena beach on the North Shore – A very beautiful beach with a lifeguard present during the day. It’s also the starting point for a Kalalau hike.

4. A beautiful Kalalau trail Hike to Hanakapi’ai Beach(ABSOLUTELY NO swimming!). Take a picture of the sign of how many have died due to swimming at that beach. the hike to there is nice. about 2 hours one way.

5. Hanalei Bay – beautiful bay and an awesome white sand beach

6. Wailua River kayak & Secret falls hike…..Great exercise and a really nice hike into the valley….all day, from 8ish to 3ush, well worth your time on Kaua’i.

7. Kauai Sands Hotel is the best place to stay for the value and their beach front view is incredible especially at sun rise!

8. The Lighthouse in Kilauea is a nice stop on your way back from Ha’ena Beach during the late afternoon AND if you’re lucky you’ll be able to see a family of Hawaiian nene geese. ONLY in Hawaii!

9. Some of the best taro farms are found on Kaua’i. Makaweli is the poi you must try, then you might be that much closer to being Hawaiian at heart and in spirit.

10. catamaran and snorkel the NW seeing the Pali coast like no other tourist will.




It’s all about the good weather, which means good roads and the potential for a nice few days on Kaua’i.

Proceed with great caution: It can be a very FULL-FILLING-LY adventurous, closE TO nature-OUS AND VERY VERY VERY dangerous for anybody and everybody.


1. Kayak Wailua

2. Hike to a few beautiful water falls

3. Beach BBQ on a Beach

4. Kilauea LightHouse



5. Princeville LookOut and HikeDown

6. Hanalei Bay & BeachSide

7. Enjoy and Walk along Ke’e Beach

8. Hanalei Taro Farms LookOut

9. Volunteer at WAIPA Foundation: pick taro

10. KaLaLau Trail from Ke’e: Do the hike – Only!

11.  See Wailua Falls

12. See & Hike Waimea Canyon

13.  Find Waipo’o Falls

14. Cruise at Poipu Beach: Say hi to ‘Ilio-Holo-i-Ka-Uaua and honu

15. Sunset at Polihale beach

16. Mahimahi lunch plate from ‘Killah Steaks’ LUNCH TRUCK across from FoodLand Kapa’a.

Be safe, have a good time, Malama i ke kai and Aloha ‘Aina!