My amazing Dolphin Tour

Posted: February 14, 2014 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

They picked us up at 9:10am at the Island Colony Hotel. It takes about one hour to drive to the Westside. We had a small boat but it was enough. We saw a lot of whales and also dolphins. The jumped over the water and when we were snorkeling we saw about 20-30 dolphins who swim right under us. This moment was just amazing. I’ll never forget it. We had to wear a life jacket because if not, then we would not be able to go near the dolphins and possibly touch them.


I recommend Hank’s Haute Dogs to everybody who likes to try an exotic version of a hot dog. They have a really big choice of different sausages like wild boar, lobster and buffalo. Some of the sausages are even self-made. The location is very nice, as a matter of fact there are a lot of old newspapers and advertisement hanging on the wall. Right next to the restaurant they put some tables, benches and umbrellas where you can eat and get the real feeling of eating American food right next to a street.


by Erina


Yesterday we went to Kamaka Ukelele Factory that is nowadays the only big scale manufacturer of ukuleles in Honolulu. The rest of ukulele companies made them in mass production (China, Vietnam…)

One of the owners, who is now the 2nd generation, started the tour explaining the history about ukulele. It is believed that the ukulele arrived to the Hawaiian islands when sugar cane plantation workers from Portugal arrived here, this instrument is in fact very similar to Spanish and Portuguese guitars because it is modeled after the Portugese.

After, he showed us different types of ukulele (standard, pineapple, tenor…) and then we got ready to visit the factory.

First of all he showed us the koa wood which they are made of and  the process of fabrication. It is hard work because each ukulele is a unique piece. In fact, they make only about 4,000 per year and all of them have a seal of guarantee with the number and date of fabrication.

One of his sons is now managing the factory and he would like that his grandsons will continue with it too.


by Elena from Burgos


Next week is going to be busy week. I have to rent a car with friends on Saturday and Sunday. I really should go to school next week because we’ve only three days of school. Next week i’m going to play ukulele in the lesson. I can’t do hiking because i’m to busy. Some friends might help me shop on black Friday. Next week i’m going to play “Somewhere over the rainbow” on my ukulele. 

Plan for the weekend

Posted: November 25, 2013 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

On Saturday I will go shopping and do the laundry. On Sunday I’m going to have a Sukiyaki party with my friends. before the party we must go to the Don Quijote because we have to buy vegetables for sukiyaki. We should buy many foods because there will be 8 people!! It’s going to be fun!


Posted: November 25, 2013 in GVHawaiiOhana Stuff

On Friday i’m going to play volleyball with some friends from here, i met them at Waikiki beach close to the Zoo. On the weekend i should go jogging and do muscle training. I have to learnsome new English words to improve my vocabulary. Maybe i will go to the North Shore on Saturday. I should go hike Diamond Head on Sunday and i might take some pictures.