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A tour with uncle Kamaka.

Did you know how to build a ‘Ukulele or how Koa-wood smells?
In uncle Kamakas factory you can see every detail from the history of different ‘ukulele shapes, the hole producing progress and the biggest stack of Koa-wood I’ve ever seen.

Did you know that the pineapple ‘ukulele was copyright by a Kamaka? It was good until 1960!

In the 1930s a Kamaka ‘Ukulele cost 5 bucks, now they can get  $850 up to over $2000. One reason is the price of the Koa Wood and every Kamaka ‘Ukulele is made out of it.

Learn to play the ‘ukulele at
With this site you can learn different songs with your ‘ukulele. They show you the different chords for every song on their song list. And the song list it’s quite extensive.